Garden Shed Plans: Wooden Vinyl Or Metal?



Let's look at the 3 most used Garden Shed materials, and their pro's and con's.

Metal Garden Sheds

Metal sheds tend to have flimsier walls that a wooden shed. They can also get scorching hot in the summer when the sun hits them. With the walls being flimsy, attaching shelving can be difficult, reducing the usability of your garden shed. But for me, the largest con is that they are just plain ugly.
They sure don't add to the value of your property. And after some years they will begin to rust so now you are really looking at an eyesore.

The pro's is that they are easy to erect.


Vinyl Garden Sheds

Vinyl sheds are probably the most expensive way to go. With the expense comes the temptation of getting a smaller shed with the end result of not having enough space after all. Vinyl sheds also tend to fade.


Wooden Garden Sheds

The wooden garden shed gets you more for your money. You can also choose from hundreds of garden shed plans, assuring that you get exactly the shed you want, in the size you want. Want one wondow, two windows, or a 10 foot ceiling? 10X12 Shed Plans or 12X16 shed plans? Whatever you want you can get when you build your own.

Wooden garden shed are also esthetically pleasing and add value and beauty to your home. You may think that learning how to build your own storage shed is over your head, and you may be right! However, by getting high quality, well laid out and organized plans, you can make an educated determination.

 Click Here to download a free garden shed plan. Get a feel for the quality of the plan, without having to buy anything.


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