garden shed plans Garden Shed Plans

After spending a few summers with an angry spouse, I finally got my ducks in a row and built that garden shed. :)

The first decision was whether to get a kit or to get the plans and do it from scratch. We, (I) decided on not using a kit. Have you seen the prices they charge for those things??

So we looked all over for some blueprints that wouldn't break the bank and not be over my head.

While I'm not a total dummy when it comes to construction, I didn't feel like building a Taj Majal in the backyard, either, if you know what I mean. CLICK HERE to see what we got

(and were really happy with) Some of the other plans we found were in the $200 range, and if when you looked at the plan, realized it wasn't for you, then you just flushed $200 down the tube. These plans that we got also have a 60 day return, so if you don't like them you get your money back. We liked that part a lot. We really needed to keep cost at a minimum.


After searching for awhile we decided on the plans made by Ted. Not only was the price a lot less than other places, after doing some research we learned that  Ryan's plans have the best quality and reputation. You get a huge assortment of plans (You get so many great plans, they will last an entire lifetime!!) so you can make your decision based on what looks nice, what is useful AND the complexity of the construction.

You may also change your mind as you get more into the planning of the project without having to shell out more money. (There are a TON of plans for garden sheds in the package Ted sells -Storage building plans, wood shed plans, 10X12 shed plans, 12X16 plans etc.)



                                       Garden Shed Plans -BeforeYou Begin!

Easy Garden Shed PlansHere are some of the things we wished we had thought of BEFORE we started building our shed. (OK, and some we DID think of, but it may help someone to mention them.)

The thing is you want something that is easy and systematically laid out for when you build your own shed.

(Don't you just love the shed to the left??)  

  1. Number one, you need to find out if you need a building permit. If you do, just get it OK? While chances are you will never be discovered with an “illegal” shed, you just may, and it will cost you! You may think “they” will never know? Well, when I look at Google Maps, there is my backyard BEFORE I built the patio I didn't get a permit for. Hopefully I'll never get found out... Getting a permit is usually not a big deal. This is one thing you don't want to skimp on.
  2. Location. Where is the shed going to be? Will it be easy to get to? Will it obstruct the view of the lake? (Amazing how some folks miss the obvious...) Is it too close to the property line? (this is where that permit comes in) Will it tend to flood in wet weather...
  3. Foundation. What type of ground is beneath the shed? Cliff? Wet and boggy? Sandy? The ground will make a difference as to what type of foundation you need. (The plans we got helped us to determine what type of foundation we had to use.
  4. How much will the project cost in materials? The plans that we got had a handy materials list, so wejust brought it to our Home Depot and priced our project right away. Usually you will save anywhere from 50 to 75% doing it yourself as opposed to buying one of the pre-fab sheds. (And let's face it, they are usually pretty ugly.)
  5. Design and Usage. What is the purpose of building a shed? What are you going to be storing in it? Will you be storing lawn equipment, gasoline, oils etc... in it? Do you want it to provide security for the contents? What type and design will suit your needs and the design of the other structures on your property.
  6. Size. Don't make the mistake of building a shed that you will grow out of in a summer season. If you do have the space, by all means build something that will be sufficient for your needs.
  7. Tools. Do you have the tools needed for the job? If not, can you rent the tools locally? The plans we got made it easy for us to see when, and more or less, how long, did we need to rent the tools. That really cut our tool renting costs. But... you DO need to have the proper tools, so just try to minimize the time you rent them.
  8. Help. While the plans we got were easy enough with videos etc. Sometimes you need an extra hand. Going it your own can just be too tough, and someone to help with lifting etcetera, can make a HUGE difference. I had a small party where we all worked and then had a cook out with cold beer. All had a great time, and I got stuff done in a jiffy that would have been both exasperating and annoying had I attempted them on my own. 


    We Agree With This Guy!!

    Here's a great video pretty much summing up what we think about these great plans! 

    And he also mentions the CAD program you get FREE. Those programs don't come cheap!!

    (No, it's not me in the video  :)                                                         



OK, that pretty much sums up the pre planning. Pre planning correctly can make your project into an easy and successful thing, or it can be a total nightmare...


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So, from now on when someone asks you  How To Build A Storage Shed? You will know that having the right plan for your project and skill level is THE most important part of the job!